The original spamchk filter used by postfix is described on http://www.akadia.com/services/postfix_spamassassin.html. Remebered to post some advanced settings i made, you find it usefull if you want to split email to spam, nospam and inbetween (lightspam).


PL/SQL digits to words in Lithuanian

A PL/SQL function to convert numbers to words in Lithuanian, may be adjusted to your language rules. Maximum number 999999,99; decimal sign is ",". Execution example:

select EBA_OLS_DIG_TO_WORD('Lt 999999,99') from dual;


devyni šimtai devyniasdešimt devyni tūkstančiai devyni šimtai devyniasdešimt devyni Lt. 99 ct.


Chrome vs Apex: old issues

When first popular Oracle ApEx versions (like 1.6, 2.0) came out, they had problems with displaying SQL Workshop Object Browser windows on some FF versions, just dont remember which exactly (imho 2.2). Here we are again having the same problem: red screen. This time its new Google browser Chrome. The same problem can be found on ApEx versions 3.0, 3.1 and 3.1.2, havent tested this on others. The common solution back then was to add a few directives to Oracle HTTP_Server's configuration file httpd.conf:

AddType text/xml xbl
AddType text/x-component htc
No luck this time. Anyway, Chrome is just beta, hoping to have a better functionality soon.

Chrome myth

Just downloaded new fancy G browser Chrome. It actualy uses more memory than FF does. Chrome just divides it between processess. My FF has 48 tabs opened, it uses 148M RAM, get your calculator and calc this image below, only 24 tabs...


Life v 1.1

Im a glider pilot now. Wohooooo. Yesterday received the Glider Pilot license from CAA.
Next week im going to Italy, wgc2008, im going as a crew member, but maybe some day you'll see me in the grid as a pilot :)
To get the license was much easier then pass Oracle exams, someday i'll post my Oracle license in a post Life v 1.2.


Lithuania rulez

Hi guys, you know, i'm proud to be Lithuanian, because we download Firefox and we download it gooooooooooooood. When the day started, i downloaded FF3 to all my PCs in the office (7), and didnt use the same copy to install, just downloaded a new one each time. Spread the news to many of my friends in messaging lists. And when i came home, i pushed it to all my PCs at home (4).
Of course the final results look a bit unbelievable, i think its a small trick, you can write a 3 line code in shell to have a perfect downloader... I guess that some downloads from some IP addresses will be discarded. Anyways, world, can you be that cool like we are?


Lost and Found

Haven't been in funeral for more than 18 years. Just successfully no one that i know died. But today i said goodbye to my ex-coworker. I young man just had a heart attack, and thats it. I was looking at him, he was like alive, his lips where smiling. He left two boys and loving wife.
When people push themselves to risk on daily basis - its not so shocking to read in newspaper that some speed junkie, hill climber, sky diver or test pilot died. But this time, i was looking at man, to whom i spoke a week ago. He was just a good father, how risky can that be? Of course, you can say thats life, well it is!
When someone close dies, it takes away your time you spent doing something together. That feels empty. And today i feel empty too. Rest happily dear friend.


Oil change

Yo! Did an oil change today. Have you seen IT administrator doing that? Oh, what the hell, its an adventure. There is a show on Discovery - a man tries to find tough jobs and try them out. Ok. Very funny retardation. If you are normal human, you can do any job like being a soldier, builder, maker, drawer, constructor, designer, stunt man. Well you do need some knowledge, but these jobs are intuitive. Hey man, try to be a scientist, surgeon or at least an IT admin (doh). There are jobs that can be made only by trained human beings that spent 10-30 years trying to understand how stuff works.


The Dude goes outer Space

So, my dear readers - i'm going to Netherlands. It's a road trip, looking forward to it. But.. ..twisted my tarsus joint. Anyway, nothing can stop me from the trip. No weed and space cakes this time, i promise.
Todays bass theme.. ..it's easy but a nice one: Pulp - Babies. Check the video on YouTube.
Offise space trends. Oracle E-Business Suite 12 is up and running. I'll leave the newborn for a week, if its still alive after that period - then it'll survive ;)
Database 11g still fucked up. I havent written about that problem, anyways - someday. Many internal ORA-7445 errors a few times in an hour. Support can't do anything about it for more than two weeks.

turinio valdymo sistema (tvs) leidžia patiems redaguoti svetainės turinį, visos funkcijos greitos ir paprastos net mažai įgudusiam vartotojui. pagaminu, sukonfigūruoju, suprojektuoju visą sistemą, užpildau pradiniu turiniu.

modulinė tvs komplektuojama (bet neapsiriboja) iš šių modulių:
- naujienos / blogas
- puslapiai (su ir be komentarų)
- forumas
- automatiniai nuotraukų įrankiai
- krepšelis prekėms (e-parduotuvė)
- seo (standartinis modulis)
- galerijos
- skaidrės
- daugelio kalbų palaikymas
- paypal, paysera (e-parduotuvei)

internetinė aplikacija tai duomenų baze paremta sistema, kurios valdymas atliekamas per naršyklę. tokio tipo aplikacijos nereikalauja jokių papildomų priedų, konfigūracijos, jos yra centralizuotai keičiamos, taisomos, atnaujinamos. mūsų kuriamų aplikacijų pagrindas yra oracle duomenų bazė, ko pasekoje mes galima pasiūlyti galingas, lanksčias, norimo sudėtingumo lygio aplikacijas.

internetinė aplikacijos gali būti pritaikomos šiems sprendimams:
- apskaitos įrankiai (finansų, laiko, prekių, formos)
- internetinė parduotuvė
- interneto portalas
- duomenų surinkimo terminalas

parduotuvės galimybės:
- prekių katalogas
- sandėlis (prekių kiekių apskaita)
- užsakymų valdymas (rankinis pateikimas, vartotojų užsakymų vykdymas ir sekimas)
- nuolaidų katalogas
- atsiskaitymai paypal ir paysera (mokėjimai.lt)

atliekame serverio pradinį paruošimą, aptarnavimą ir monitoringą. konsultuojame serverio įsigijimo klausimais, padedame specifikuoti ir išsirinkti. specializuojamės linux, unix, windows sistemose.

linux redhat/centos/unbreakable/suse
- konfigūravimas
- pradinis diegimas
- soft raid
- monitoringas
- apsauga
- disko kodavimas

elektroninio pašto siuntimo funkcija visiems yra gerai žinoma, daugelis naudojasi interneto tiekėjų paslaugomis. siūlome sprendimą skirtą tiems, kurie nori būti tikri dėl visapusiško savo duomenų privatumo. serveris diegiamas kliento prieigoje arba pasirinktame nuomojamame serveryje. jame talpinamas e-pašto turinys, registras, papildomos apsaugos ar funkcijos:
- antivirusinė apsauga
- brukalo (spam) filtras ir automatizuotas valdymas (naikinti, grąžinti, kaupti vienoje dėžutėje)
- neribotas dėžučių skaičius
- prieinamumas visais žinomais protokolais: pop3, imap, www
- dinaminė ugniasienė
- kiti mechanizmai: postgrey, rbl

Mes kuriame internetines svetaines, elektronines parduotuves, intraneto aplikacijas. Taip pat prižiūrime serverius, juos diegiame. Galime įdiegti papildomus serverio servisus kaip e-pašto funkcija ar statistikos rinkimas.
Internetinės svetainės kuriamos naudojant modulinę turinio valdymo sistemą, Jums sukomplektuojamos reikalingos funkcijos. Svetainė yra automatiškai SEO optimizuota paieškoms ir nereikalauja jokios rankinės priežiūros. Jeigu reikia galima užpildyti ir turinį.
Įmonių aplikacijų pavyzdžiai: CRM, sandėlio valdymas, sąskaitų generavimas, laiko apskaita, intranetas, forumas, registracijos forma, klientų atsiliepimų ar problemų registravimo sistema. Galime suprogramuoti bet kokią jums reikalingą sistemą.